Champion Mascon

Enjoy Our Best Roofing Services!

Preserving the exquisite charm of Champion Mascon , heritage, and conservation buildings necessitates ongoing maintenance and care. Often, these architectural treasures boast intricate masonry features that occasionally require replacement, and many of these stone repairs are located in challenging-to-reach areas.

Metal Roof

The metal ceilings that we install in Portland OR are equipped with a high temperature soundproof base between the metal and the plywood, which prevents the metal from absorbing more heat, not allowing for overheating.

Roof Emergency

The highly experienced roofers at Pro Cover Roofing Llc are available 24 hours a day in the event of an emergency. We have the appropriate equipment, the knowledge to repair leaks. 

Roof Repair

All of our expert roofers at Pro Cover Roofing Llc have extensive experience replacing roofs in Portland and other cities in the OR state. With all the track record we've had in roofing throughout our history, we've successfully replaced roofs for all of our customers.